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Online Booking Hotels is Always Easy and Best

The early civilization shows evidences of people roaming from place to place in search of food. And hence developed the various civilizations that we learn in history. Coming back to the 21st century, people have continued their streak of going from place to place though the basic reason for doing so may not have undergone a humongous change, where people still move to other countries, states or regions in search of jobs or to visit as a tourist. This is where the concept of hotel emerges. When visiting or moving to another place, people needed a place to stay, to simply have a home away from home. Hotels were an answer to this very need. The emergence and eventual modification of the concept of providing a place to stay has undergone so many changes as per the demand so people that has given rise to several concepts, such as lodges, dharamshalas, Bed & Breakfast, etc.

India has seen a significant growth in disposable income as more and more youth join the working class who are ready to shell out to visit the world or delve deeper into their own country. This has also led to the growth in hotels of varying sizes, types, facilities and amenities. While on one hand, there are the five star hotels of Oberoi, Grand Hyatt, Hilton, Taj, there are others who are within the medium range of budgets and then there are budget hotels. And then there are resorts – that are a culmination of luxury redefined. SO what’s on your wish list?

 Plethora of options to suit your budget

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Makemytrip, one of the pioneers in the online travel industry offers you multiple hotel options across budgets so as to enable each customer to be able to pick a hotel of his choice. Whether you are looking for International hotels or hotels within India, Makemytrip has it all. Simply type in your requests in the questionnaire and voila! Get a long list of hotels across budgets. Filter it down as per the preferred location or hotel name, budget, amenities and star ratings.  Get hotels that only meet your specifications and needs rather than browsing through all trying to understand whether these hotels are even within your budget or at your preferred location?

No more running from pillar to post to get a hotel room booked at the best possible price. Get assured discount rates when you avail Makemytrip offers. The Company on and off lists special offers to its customers on its website fir discounted rates on specified hotels. Makemytrip keeps rejigging its website by adding more hotel and deleting those who have been up to the expectation of the customers. In a bid to only provide best in class services, Makemytrip has in its kitty, genuine, authentic hotels with transparent offers that guarantee significant savings. To top it all, earn rewards on every booking that you make at Makemytrip that can be redeemed on your next bookings.

Book with the 2014 Website of the year- Goibibo


GoIbibo was initiated with the aim to make hotel booking easier by providing multiple options across budgets to its customers. Each of these hotels are carefully selected so as to provide you with genuine hotel options and not the shady ones running in dingy lanes. When you book with GoIbibo, you know these hotels only offer best in class services to its customers. Complete with pictures of the property, reviews of earlier customers and prices, you can always make an informed decision considering the vast information attached with each hotel. You get what you see.

A classy hotel with loads of amenities need not always be above your budget. GoIbibo partners with well-known hotels to be able to provide GoIbibo deals and offers that are unique, innovative and exclusive, guaranteeing significant savings. With GoIbibo deals, you can book the best hotels at the best prices ensuring a comfortable stay throughout. So what’s stopping you? Get on your travelling boots or plan a family vacation together and leave the hotel booking to GoIbibo. Just simply put in your request and the rest is taken care of by GoIbibo as it gets a confirmation from the hotel for your booking. Simply drop in at the hotel, display your booking and you are good to go!!


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