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Great way to get the best hotel and flight discounts online

Many industries have witnessed enormous growth in the past few decades due to the effective utilization of power of internet. And one of the most effected industry is the hotel industry. Several properties across the world are offering the facility of online booking to their clients and guests. In fact, these online booking sites have become a norm for a number of travelers as these travelers find it much easier to book hotels and flight tickets of their choice with the convenience of sitting at their homes.


Online hotel and flight booking sites have the resources to provide the customers with a huge range of hotel options thus making the customers feel secured by providing the options of the prices and the services. Some online hotel and flight booking sites like Makemytrip offers Makemytrip Coupons and great discounts on booking. Now, to book hotels and flight tickets online and that too in a great deal, here are some tips:

  • Compare prices online- Remember to check and analyse the prices of different sites online so that you get the best and suitable deal for you. Not only this, comparing prices online can give you a varied list of online booking sites that are providing great offers and discounts.
  • Be flexible about travel dates- While booking for hotels and flight tickets always see that you book the forth and back tickets at different dates with some days and make sure that you book both the tickets from different airlines. That ways you can get save cost.
  • Budget for other luxuries- Always save some for your other amenities. You can always have a wish list while travelling to a new place so it is better to save some for your other luxuries. Isn’t?

Search for discounts and offers- Analyse different online hotel and ticket booking sites for different coupons and discounts like Oyo rooms coupons.

hotelflightSource: explorades

Look for Packages

After getting the tips to get best deals on hotel and flight tickets booking, let’s have a look at the advantages of booking tickets online.

  • Hotels can increase their profits by doing away with 20% – 30% fee normally charged by third party intermediaries. They can even pass on this margin to guests, thereby increasing guest loyalty.
  • Room rates can be controlled better and reservations can be increased directly from own website Customer experience can be better managed by following their shopping and reservation patterns.
  • Customer satisfaction can also be increased by following up on their online feedback and acting upon their suggestions.
  • Customers can be provided various options and incentives (including freebies at gyms, restaurants, spas and other facilities) while making online bookings.
  • Guests can be provided a virtual tour of the hotel on the hotel website, thereby giving them a better idea about the actual property.
  • Since the guests will have a first-hand copy of the booking acknowledgement, there is no possibility of foul play at the intermediary level, especially at peak season times.

Before the Internet happened, it was very difficult to book reservations needed for vacations. Flight booking was simple one has just to go to the airport or to visit a travel agent’s office. But for hotel reservations, getting the booking completed through a travel agent was the only choice possible. Then, people would have to rely on the travel agent to provide the options for hotel accommodation in the foreign place. Through, the agent would only show the hotels on his or her list, making the selection completely restricted. To top it all, there would be the travel agent’s commission, which made the entire reservation much too valuable. But now, wise vacationers are booking their reservations through the Internet. And that is the best way to get the great deals on hotels and flight bookings.

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