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Online Shopping – Top 4 Secret Tips To Prevent You From Being Duped


With online shopping evolving in a major way, it is almost impossible to imagine life without it. You can now shop for every product that you need – be it clothes, gadgets, electronics, lifestyle products, etc. you can easily get in by shopping online. Although these practices are gaining immense popularity, there is a flip side of every coin too. Since online shopping is 100% virtual, it has also given rise to fraudulent activities and unfair practices. But that should not deter you from buying your favorite stuff online. It is important that you know how to go about it in the most effective and safe manner. Read on to know about some of these practices shared here.

Shop From Reputed Websites

Do your research and find out about well known reputed websites when you are shopping online. There are several such sites that are reliable and you can ask around or simply search online to know about these online stores. Also good and genuine websites will have ‘http’ or a padlock symbol prefixed to their URL. This is proof that they are trustworthy sources for shopping online. You can check out Snapdeal offers as it is one of the most reputed online shopping stores in India.

Opt For Safe and Secure Payment Gateways

Online shopping is a part of the virtual world and it is best that you pay online as well for whatever you buy. Look out for online stores that have safe payment options wherein you can pay with your cards either debit or credit. Dependable sites will always payment options through which your money will be safe and put to good use without the fear of fraud. Many sites also have a ‘Cash on Delivery’ option which is also safe because you pay only after you have received your product.


Don’t Fall Prey to ‘Unbelievable’ Offers

Gullible buyers often fall prey to incredible offers that are a ploy by hackers and cyber offenders to access personal information. These masterminds work overtime to lure online shoppers with unbelievable, untrue offers. Unsuspecting buyers often share details like their addresses, bank details and other contact information which these criminals use to commit online frauds and dupe people of their money. So beware of such offers whenever you are shopping online.  But with Shopclues Coupons, you can buy the best for your home at mind boggling prices without any risk.

Try Not to Use Public Networks

It is always advisable o shop online through your own personal gadget as well as network. Whenever you use a public set-up or device, you are revealing your personal information that is easy to access on these open networks. Shop from your own device, in your own personal space at home or office without any fear!

Apart from these four tips, also avoid clicking on bogus links that pop up when you are shopping online. These are often alluring offers or information that prompts buyers to click on them. As soon as you do so, you enter into a trap laid by online criminals to get vital information which they use to cheat you! This is the reason you should never click on pop-up links or ads unless the sources are truly trustworthy.

So now that you know these hacks for a great online shopping experience go right on and buy simply the best for yourself!

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