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Tips to Have a Memorable Valentine’s Day 2017

Valentine’s Day is a special day for love! Everyone waits for this day that is celebrated the world over on February 14th for express their feelings for the one special person in their life. A romantic relationship with our partners is not something that we all have but each one of us has special people in our lives who love us unconditionally. Valentine’s Day gives us the opportunity to tell every such person how special they are and what they mean to us. However, this day is most commonly observed by people in love who wish to profess their love and reinforce their relationship with their significant other.

Gifts are an important part of every celebration and Valentine’s Day is no exception. You can choose from a wide plethora of things and make the most of this day from real time as well online stores. You can check out Ferns N Petals Valentine Gifts to buy something unique and special for your partner. But there are several other things that you can do to make this day extremely memorable. Time is the most precious gift that you can give your spouse. You can focus on creating priceless moments all through the day and create unforgettable memories. If you are running short if ideas, here are a few:

Plan A Breakfast in Bed

Couple enjoying one another while having breakfast in bed

Having a wholesome hearty breakfast in bed is a great way to kick start Valentine’s Day. You can get out of bed early and prepare what your partner loves and serve it in a stylish manner. Wake your partner up with a few kisses, Unique Valentine Gifts, along with a red rose to greet! You can plan the menu and shop for the ingredients now! You can also bring out special crockery for an added effect. But in case you are making breakfast for your wife or girlfriend, don’t forget to clean up the kitchen!

Shower Together


After you have enjoyed breakfast together, you can shower together. It is one of the best ways to relax and feel close to your partner at the end of which, you shall feel fresh and rejuvenated. You can scrub each other or simply give sensual massages and experience intimacy.

Watch A Romantic Movie


Although men love more of action and adventure and women love dramatic ones, swapping your choice of movie with that of your partner can be a good change. Both can dress up and cuddle up on the couch, in front of your TV or even go to a theater, hold hands and enjoy a film. Choose a movie that your partner loves and especially romantic ones that rekindle the fire in your relationship.

Have Elaborate Meals


As a follow up to the breakfast in bed, you can have an elaborate lunch or dinner at one of your favorite eateries. Treat your partner to a cuisine he or she loves in a romantic setting and talk about old memories and beautiful moments that you have shared. Meaningful conversations can make the meals more interesting. You can order food from outside, light up candles, have wine at home to create a romantic ambience and enjoy quiet tranquil moments of love. A candle light dinner is perhaps the best way to bring a romantic day to an end.

Do Fun Activities


Spending time together by doing activities that you both love is a great way to bond on this special day. even if you do not have common interests, you can choose your partner’s favorite hobby only to create smiles and happy moments. Cooking, gardening, racing, watching a football match or go jogging, think of what your spouse loves to do and recreate the magic of love this Valentine’s Day as you get busy together.

Remember that you always need to cherish the companionship you have. You need to focus on your partner’s happiness to make him or her feel special and loved. There is no better opportunity than Valentine’s Day 2017 for you to do this. There are many things that you can do to make your spouse feel loved and special this Valentine’s Day by showering all your attention. All you need to do is think out of the box and plan in advance. You still have time on hand for this day of love so do your research, rack your brains, make plans and take your love life to the next level!


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